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This page searches for veterinarians who are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons as surgeons. Please note that this database is not a complete list of all ACVS Diplomates.

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    When searching for a surgeon by zip code and/or city, if you do not receive results, select a distance to broaden your search area. i.e. 51524, distance area: 50 miles. Searches with no radius specified will only return results within the specified city/zip code.

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    If you know the name of the surgeon, you can search by first and/or last name. Please note that name searches must match what is listed in our database.  If you are having trouble locating a particular surgeon, try searching using only the first few letters of the last name and without specifying city, state, zip code or radius. 


    Species Clarification: All breeds of dogs, cats, etc., are classified as "Small Animal."
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